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Norsa partner with NFON, a pan-European cloud telephony service, to provide our customers with VoIP telephony and voice services which are reliable, secure and always up to date.

Providing your business with solutions in readiness for the BT switch off of traditional telephony services in 2025 and for the future.

With cloud telephony systems, there is no need for conventional telephony exchange hardware. It can be implemented and maintained more easily and at lower cost. Choose between a desk phone, a headset via your PC, an app or your smartphone – or all three!

At the same time, you’ll have the flexibility to scale the number of users up and down according to your business’ needs.

NFON Cloudya

Cloudya gives you an intelligent cloud telephone system that will make your business communications more efficient, flexible and easy. Just one clear interface gives you access to all the functions that make your business communications easier. And not just today, but also in future thanks to free updates. Think of Cloudya as your pocket office. Everything you and your staff need for successful business communications is quick and easy to access.

Standard Calling Features

Call Routing

Online Meetings & Screen Sharing

Virtual fax machine

Integration with M365 and numerous CRM’s

VoIP solutions for business
NFON Partner

Our network expertise means that not only can we help get you a great telephony solution, we will ensure your router settings allow the correct traffic for perfect call quality.

If you need to upgrade your internet connection, we can help with that too!

Do I have to move away from traditional telephony?

The simple answer is ‘YES

BT announced in 2015 that they plan to turn off traditional telephony services (ISDN and PSTN), mainly due to these technologies being unable to cope with the volume or quality

of voice data required in today’s world.

The copper-based PSTN and ISDN network will be turned off entirely by 2025. Both business and home phone lines will be effected by the switch off. Also impacted, are other

non-voice services such as alarms, CCTV systems, faxes, lift emergency lines and payment terminals. Which means that certain existing hardware will no longer function without an upgrade or replacement.

Planning ahead will ensure a seamless transition, however, leaving it too late to move from ISDN to a digital alternative could lead to problems and ultimately, loss of service.

If your current ISDN phone contract is up for renewal soon, get in touch, and we will help you find the best solution for your business.

Lots of businesses are already moving to VoIP or Voice Over IP – making their phone calls over the internet rather than a traditional copper phone line.

What are my options?

Voice over IP can be via a cloud system, or you may be able to upgrade your existing system to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks, which would allow you to replace the ISDN connection but retain an on-premise system. For the other services; faxes, alarms, CCTV etc. they may be able to switch to an IP mode or an adapter (ATA) device could be an option.

Getting ahead of the curve will mean you won’t be left without these services or with a surprise cost. Change may seem daunting, but Norsa can help make it as stress-free as possible. Taking the initiative now allows you to plan properly and put the right solution in place for your business and your customers.

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