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Our support revolves around ‘eyes on’ support tools.

TeamViewer is the leading support and RMM tool for SME’s,

if you need immediate help, download links are below.

We have over 30 years of technical “know-how”

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At Norsa IT we utilise many support tools in order to provide the best customer experience possible. As a fully licenced operative of TeamViewer, we have our own installation held on the TeamViewer servers. Once you are signed up as client we can deploy TeamViewer Host. This ‘bespoke to you’ module runs permanently on your devices allowing us to provide instant unrestricted support and device management 24×7.

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TeamViewer is recognised all over the world as a leader in remote support.

How to allow us to help you remotely

If you require immediate help, please download the quick support tool by following the instructions below.

Once the software is running, please provide our support staff with the ID & Password so that we can access your device and help resolve any issues.

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