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Providing Efficient & Appropriate Technology Solutions

We have over 30 years of technical “know-how”

IT Security Solutions
Antivirus Protection

Network Support

We utilise top manufacturers to produce robust systems which provide the best possible stability for our clients.

Our products and services ensure we provide reliable computing for all our clients, enabling them to grow and expand their businesses with efficient technology and simple upgrade paths. We deliver the right IT systems and solutions to a wide range of clients backed by a personal level of service that is second to none.

Our services range from technology integration and data management to IT lifecycle management, managed services and support.

We also supply products from the leading hardware vendors and innovative software and technology developers.

Our Services

Get a first-class IT department at a fraction of the cost. Fast and reliable network support for your business. Issue diagnosis and resolution. Ensuring your business is never left at a standstill.

We offer solutions for any size business located anywhere in the UK

Managed IT Support

A problem with your computers, server or network is like instantly pulling the plug on your business. Not only are your workers affected, your customers may panic too. Norsa IT provides the very best in business IT support services, ensuring that you will be up and running again in quick time.

Our team of engineers are highly qualified and we offer both remote assistance as well as onsite help.

Antivirus Protection

State-of-the-art proactive malware defence for all your devices.

Fully customisable across a whole host of settings to ensure that your security is working precisely as you need it to.

Protecting your business from viruses, malware, spyware, and other unknown threats and eliminating them before malicious programs can harm your device’s system.

We design and execute a tailored plan to migrate your exchange system, ensuring no inconvenience to any daily running operations and zero downtime.

Exchange Server Upgrade

We will ensure your server upgrade from an old legacy Microsoft server will be seamless. We guarantee that no file or folder will be lost during the transition, and with our exchange server upgrades, all your data will be backed up in duplicate during the project.

We help clients relocate their data to SharePoint. This can include data in different formats and from other platforms.

SharePoint migration

Norsa IT's ‘user onboarding plan’ plays a significant role in facilitating a smooth and successful migration to Microsoft SharePoint. Effective communication is essential to ensure that all stakeholders are informed about the migration process, its impact, and any necessary actions.

IT Security Services

We offer solutions that will protect your business and network from threats via the internet at the deepest level while maintaining full performance from your network at all times.

IT security services from Norsa will make sure that your business is safe. Ensure that your business is free from threats. That it’s IP reputation remains strong. As leading IT security providers in the South West, we are confident that we can offer what we believe to be the best internet security package to fit your budget.

We provide our customers with VoIP telephony and voice services which are reliable, secure and always up to date in readiness for the BT switch off of traditional telephony services in 2025 and ongoing.

VoIP Telephony Solutions

Changing your telephony system may seem daunting, but we can make it as stress-free as possible. Helping you to plan properly and put the right solution in place for your business and your customers. Our network expertise means that not only can we help get you a great telephony solution, we will ensure your router settings allow the correct traffic for perfect call quality.

Why Use Norsa IT Systems?

Over 30 years experience in IT
Significantly lower IT costs
Faster response via remote support
Fixed or predictable support costs
Vast knowledge across all areas of IT
Unique approach to managing IT

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