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We are experienced at moving clients from older exchange servers,

through to the latest version 2016/2019 or onto the cloud with Exchange 365 on-line.

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Microsoft Exchange server 2019 and Microsoft 365 for Growing Businesses

Norsa are experienced at Microsoft Exchange server migrations from version 2010 right through to version 2019 as well as migrations to cloud email hosting. Whether you are currently using Microsoft Exchange server 2007, 2010, or even 2013, we recommend upgrading to Microsoft Exchange 2016 or 2019, depending on your circumstances. Our tailor-made plans ensure zero inconvenience to any daily running operations and zero downtime for yourself and your employees.

If you have more than half a dozen computers within your office environment, using cloud-based mail solutions or an outdated server can hamper the productivity of your staff and become a costly way to rent software.

Time for an exchange server upgrade?

Our email upgrades are more financially efficient when completed in conjunction with a server upgrade. If you are having problems with your current emailing system, your exchange server may be the problem. If you are still running Microsoft exchange server 2013 or less, we highly recommend migration to the latest server. Our exchange server upgrade migration process is done with a set, planned approach, meaning no data is lost. Your old server is only decommissioned when the entire process is complete.

Not only will we provide you with a tailored plan to migrate your exchange system, we will also provide great aftercare support through a customised maintenance plan. This will ensure the smooth operation of your new server, email, and entire computer network.

Exchanage Email Server Upgrade

As your business grows, the necessity for your own exchange server becomes more and more important.

Each time you add a device, “renting” a server will is less economical. With your own Microsoft Exchange server, you will become completely in control of your business.

Window Server upgrades should not be left until your system starts to fail or let you down.

The server upgrade from an old legacy Microsoft server will be seamless, meaning that all your accounts and data being transferred across. We guarantee that no file or folder will be lost during the transition, and with our exchange server upgrades, all your data will be backed up in duplicate during the project.

You will no longer have to rely on the Cloud. You will be in control. Your server can be set to limit access from certain countries, to limit employees Internet access, and much more. Each staff member will have their own personal login, and you will be in control of just what they can see and use. You will enjoy mail upgrades with great anti-spam features, anti-virus, and the guarantee that your emails will never be lost again.

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