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The Perils of Poor IT Security

It’s easy to take IT security for granted. In our personal lives, we’ll surf the web on our phones without another thought, and many of us will simply opt for a basic Anti-virus program when it comes to our laptops and computer systems. In business, however, the widespread use of online systems on a daily basis means that the risk of an IT network breach is more than a possibility. To better protect your IT system, it’s important to understand what’s truly at risk.

Data Breach

One of the primary risks with regard to poor IT security is the potential for a significant Data Breach in your company. In recent years, we’ve witnessed multiple cases of a data breach for national and international companies as a result of weaknesses in IT security. These are conducted by hackers and scammers that utilise software known as spyware to infiltrate your companies network and extract the information they deem as useful.

This is a significant invasion of privacy for both your company and your clients. Sensitive information such as client addresses, contact information, and even payment details are likely to be targeted. This will ultimately result in the potential for identity theft and fraud which your company may be liable for.

Data Loss

Should your system be hit by a network virus, or malware, then this will have a significant impact on your network functionality. A sluggish and slow network will hinder the overall productivity of your business, and you will inevitably lose vital working time as engineers work to get your system back up and running. In severe cases, there is also the risk of company-wide data loss, which could set your company back months as you work to recover networks and databases.

If you were to suffer any loss of data following a cyber attack, you could also be in breach of strict regulations highlighted in the Data Protection act, resulting in fines or prosecution.

Financial Loss

The possibility of financial loss following an IT security failure is also a significant consideration. In 2014, an article by the BBC stated that the UK’s Federation for Small Businesses had identified that cybercrime cost the UK economy an estimated £27billion per year, whilst small businesses alone were paying out on average £4,000 per year when faced with fraud and online crime.

You may have to make payments to clients as a result of a network data breach, in addition to any payments to resolve the issue at hand and get your system back up and running.

Customer Loss

If you show your company to be vulnerable to cybercrime, or IT system meltdowns then it will leave an extremely negative impression on current and future clients. Not only are you likely to lose existing customers, it could also deter customers or companies from working with you in the future. Ultimately, this could have a significant impact on the reputation and productivity of your business.

IT Solutions to consider

With a reliable IT security system in place, you can rest assured that your network system is well protected against the threat of cybercrime.

A quality firewall is your first line of defence when it comes to IT security, as this will help to reduce the possibility of attack from threats across the internet. Access control will restrict unauthorised personnel from within the business, and externally. Combined with anti-virus software, and data backup systems, your company is well on its way to a comprehensive and effective IT security program.

There is nothing to be gained from poor IT security, yet there is so much to lose. To ensure that your IT security system is up to scratch, contact Norsa IT Systems today. We have a proven track record in providing high-quality IT solutions and server support to a range of companies across the South West. Visit our website, or contact the team on 0117 231 00 50, for more information.

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