You are here:--McAfee DAT release 7404 causes Microsoft Exchange Issues.

McAfee DAT release 7404 causes Microsoft Exchange Issues.

Great start to Monday morning. DAT v7407 released from the States overnight. Doesn’t work with Microsoft Exchange – a blinder guys thanks!!

The Fault….. Event ID 1050 Source: MSExchange Extensibility

The execution time of agent ‘McAfeeTxAgent’ exceeded 90000 milliseconds while handling event ‘OnEndOfData’ for message with InternetMessageId: ‘<>’. This is an unusual amount of time for an agent to process a single event. However, Transport will continue processing this message.

this Dat file trips up the email queues and stops the email.

Great product testing McAfee!!! It took me 15 mins to work this out. Is there no-one at McAfee testing Microsoft Exchange servers with Virusscan?

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