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Light at the end of the tunnel for 123-reg customers

Web hoster 123-reg is restoring service for “the majority of customers affected” after the company accidentally deleted over some websites over the weekend, prompting a Twitter backlash.

On Saturday, customers started experiencing problems accessing their websites, and were advised by 123-reg’s Twitter account that “our teams are working to resolve and a further update will be provided.”

Throughout the saga, disgruntled customers took to Twitter to try to get updates from the vendor, with one business user tweeting: “I’ve had the email stating that it is unlikely to be recovered and suggest rebuild. THE REBUILD DOES NOT WORK!!!”

“All companies need to ask themselves if they are at risk of putting too much trust in their service providers and how they would recover if a catastrophe occurred that could effectively turn their online presence into a ‘Website not found” error message’, he said.

He added: “Remember this – we are all on the lookout for threats from external attackers and malicious hackers, but sometimes data destruction doesn’t have to be the result of internet criminals or a ransomware attack, but instead with the very people you are paying to provide a professional service.”

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