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5 Ways Businesses can Benefit from Microsoft Exchange Server

As Outlook remains the go-to email application for enterprises, getting a Microsoft Exchange Server is an absolute must. Microsoft Exchange Server provides a reliable email based communication server for businesses including other functions such as Calendars, Contacts and Task. Thus, making day-to-day business operations more organised and streamlined.

Email is a critical communication tools in most business environment not just to connect with clients but it’s also widely used as an internal means to communication. Internal email usage can cover many areas within the business like sharing basic information, guidelines, or security precautions.

It comes to no surprise that many companies refer to Microsoft and its email client. There are two ways to get an exchange server upgrade in Bristol: either you buy a license and host it on a local server stack or outsource the server to a third-party provider. Exchange can become quite complex to manage. Though it is possible to reduce the complexity by collapsing an entire deployment to a single server, existing issues include security and reliability. This is why most companies choose to outsource their exchange server to a trusted provider.

Here are the 5 ways businesses can benefit from Microsoft Exchange Server:

Enhanced Security for Confidential Data

With great data, comes great responsibility. Data security online has been a long-standing threat to any individual or company. Microsoft Exchange Server has a built-in defense against email threats. The system has a multi-layered anti-spam filters, which continuously guards against phishing threats and sophisticated spams.

Exchange 2013 includes malware detection, which can automatically react to suspicious messages and alert both the sender and the receiver.

MS Exchange Server also allows control over transport rules. This lets you take action on messages coming from specific IP address ranges or emails that include executable content. To access this, click on the Mail Flow command under Rules section in the Admin Center. You should gain access to the New Rule Wizard where you can create rules to block by email content, receiver, attachment or sender.

Complete Backup of Your Data

As compared to the old POP3 mail model, Exchange Server offers a centralised hub that backs up all the emails that can be accessed whenever necessary.

Flexibility and Data Syncing

Today’s professionals require flexibility in the work culture and access to information 24×7. Microsoft Exchange Server enables this feature through cloud-enabled Office 365 platform. Exchange server uses MS Office outlook as the email platform, which provides mail and contact management functions that can be accessed anytime, anywhere even on their phones.

MS Exchange Server allows data syncing to mobile devices using ActiveSync enabling businesses to access information through mobile devices like iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Productive and Organised Work Collaboration

One of the objectives in using an Exchange Server is to make businesses efficient and more productive. With different features, such as scheduling, contact management, sharing of calendar between the staff members helps the colleagues to stay informed and create an aligned path, resulting in increased productivity.

Applications and e-Discovery Tools

There is an ‘Apps’ tab in the new Exchange Admin Center which lets you configure specialised applications for users. Using the Apps tab lets you preconfigure profiles to include Linkedin, Bing Maps, and other Microsoft Apps.

MS Exchange also has an e-Discovery tool that allows you to perform discovery searches for relevant content in all mailboxes. You can also use role-based access control to a non-IT personnel without granting them admin-level control.

With all of these amazing features, it proves that the new Microsoft Exchange is a powerful, flexible tool that does far more than just exchanging emails.

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